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Music for the Kids!

Welcome to Muky, the iPhone / iPad app for creating and managing parent-controlled music playlists. Ensure a focused, distraction-free audio experience for your kids.

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Lightweight and User-Friendly

Kid-Friendly Audio Player

A lightweight, user-friendly audio player specifically designed for kids. Allows playlist selection without distractions or access to other features. Kids can easily select their favorite tracks by cover. Albums are summarized, and the first track plays with a single click.


Create Playlists

Custom Playlists for Kids

Create custom playlists with your choice of songs, albums, or audiobooks. Choose a title, color, and emoji to make each playlist unique and easy for kids to remember.


Get Started Easily

User-Friendly Onboarding

Step-by-step onboarding guides you through setting up the app, creating playlists, enabling Guided Access, and setting a password.


Secure Access

Password Protection

Secure the audio player mode with a password. Exiting the audio player mode requires the password set by the parents, ensuring kids cannot exit the app simply.


And many more

Features you'll love

Start using Muky today to create a fun and secure music experience for your kids! Our app is designed to make managing and enjoying music easy and enjoyable.

Direct Start in Audio Player
Start the app directly in the audio player for a quick and easy music experience, perfect for kids. Enjoy seamless and fun listening.
Dark Mode
Experience a whole new light – or rather, a whole new darkness! Enjoy a sleek, modern look that's easy on the eyes and perfect for low-light environments.
Create Demo-Playlist
Create a Demo-Playlist effortlessly! Explore and enjoy a selection of tracks, showcasing the app’s capabilities and user-friendly interface.
Switch seamlessly between English and German! Enjoy a multilingual experience in your preferred language.
Your privacy is our priority. We collect no personal data, ensuring a secure and private experience with our app.